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Update for our events - 09/09/2020


UPDATE for UK Triathlon Events

Further to the recent news around new measures to control meeting socially, we felt it necessary to update you on the situation to date, surrounding our events.

Organised sports events fall into a different remit than social gatherings and, providing they comply with social distancing, will be exempt.

That said, we will be 'fine-tuning' our existing guidelines, including but not limited to, asking competitors not to bring unnecessary spectators, remaining at a 2 metre distance at all times where possible rather than the 1 metre plus rule and not exceeding groups of more than 6 at the event. These changes will not massively impact on how we intend to run the event and we will continue with our socially distanced swim starts at 15-30 second intervals.

Let us reassure you we are fully committed to putting on the next three events in 2020 and look forward to seeing you at one of those events soon. 😊

UK Triathlon Race Day Social Distancing

All UK Triathlon 2020 events

Your Health before the Event
If you have any Covid-19 symptoms do not come to the event. If you develop symptoms within 14 days after the event and are tested positive, please contact UK Triathlon immediately.

Social Distancing
It is each and every person's responsibility to social distance at 2 metres where possible before, during and after the event.
Please make sure your spectators are aware of and abide by the 2 metre distance rule.

Hand Sanitising
There will be 10 hand sanitiser stations around the venue, please hand sanitise before registration, entering transition, finish line and whenever you have the opportunity to do so before and after the event.
Please sanitise before and after toilet use.

Please allow more time than normal to register. You must register yourself. You cannot have anyone register for you. Only one competitor will be allowed to register at a time (except relay teams who must register together).

Please queue at a 2 metre separation. Hand sanitise before entering. Every competitor will be temperature checked with a digital thermometer before registering.

Each competitor has their own numbered racking position. Rack only there and with your race number facing you.

Race Brief
There will be a short race brief shortly before each event starts from the finish line stage which will be announced over the PA system on the day.


Start Format Lake Swim
Competitors will each have their own individual start time and be started at the edge of the lake at 10 second intervals.
You can only do your warm up on dry land.

Maintain a 2 metre gap from other swimmers at all times.


Start Format Pool Swim

Competitors will each have their own individual start time at 30 second intervals.

Maintain a 2 metre gap from other swimmers at all times.

Bike Course
Normal drafting rules apply.

Run Course
Overtake or pass other competitors at a minimum distance of 2 metres where possible.

Feed Stations Run & Finish line
Drinks will be dispensed for you at feed stations, High5 Energy Source & Water will be identified clearly with signs. Move away as quickly as possible allowing for other competitors. Bin your litter.


Please do not bring unnecessary spectators if possible.


Your Covid Officer is Vic Bickerton
If you wish to report anything regarding Covid safety, please report it to Vic located at the finish line.