Want to take part with a friend or family member?

With #TriTogether you can swim, cycle & run together as part of a friendly wave.

The idea behind #TriTogether is that people often feel more comfortable taking on a challenge like a triathlon if they have a friend to take part with. 

We want to encourage everyone to Tri, be that competitively or simply just for the fun of it.

How to Join

To join a #TriTogether wave, once you & your friend have submitted your entries, please fill in the request form, & we will add you both to the friendly #TriTogether wave of your chosen event.

#TriTogether Waves available at all our Pool Based Triathlons

Warwickshire Triathlon Stratford-upon-Avon TriTogether Wave 2023
Stratford Triathlon  Stratford-upon-Avon 28th April 2024
Cheshire Triathlon  Nantwich 19th May 2024
Henley Triathlon  Henley-on-Thames 2nd June 2024
York Triathlon  York 18th August 2024
North West Triathlon  Nantwich 22nd September 2024

#TriTogether Form

If more than two people in your group, please submit the form for each member.

For groups greater than 5 please email [email protected] with your groups full names and DOB's.