Want to take part with a friend or family member?

With #TriTogether you can swim, cycle & run together as part of a friendly wave.

The idea behind #TriTogether is that people often feel more comfortable taking on a challenge like a triathlon if they have a friend to take part with. 

We want to encourage everyone to Tri, be that competitively or simply just for the fun of it.

How to Join

To join a #TriTogether wave, once you & your friend have submitted your entries, please fill in the request form, & we will add you both to the friendly #TriTogether wave of your chosen event.

#TriTogether Waves available at all our Pool Based Triathlons

Buckinghamshire Triathlon  Chesham 14th July 2024
York Triathlon  York 18th August 2024
North West Triathlon  Nantwich 22nd September 2024
Warwickshire Triathlon Stratford-upon-Avon 6th October 2024
Stratford Triathlon  Stratford-upon-Avon 27th April 2025
Cheshire Triathlon  Nantwich 11th May 2025
Henley Triathlon  Henley-on-Thames 1st June 2025

#TriTogether Form

If more than two people in your group, please submit the form for each member.

For groups greater than 5 please email [email protected] with your groups full names and DOB's.