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Looking For Your First Triathlon?

All of the events below offer a short 'Fun' distance or the option to share the challenge and enter as part of a 'Relay Team'.

These triathlons not only offer achievable distances but also a fantastic supportive atmosphere to help you complete your event and we are on hand to support you every step of the way.

  • Several distances to choose from starting at just a 200m swim, 9k cycle and 2.5k run.
  • Option to enter as a Relay Team and share the swim, bike & run with one or two friends.

Check out our events by clicking below and choose which one you will enter?


Buckinghamshire Fun Triathlon (Pool) Chesham 14th July 2024
Buckinghamshire Fun2Tri (Pool) Chesham 14th July 2024
Birmingham Fun Triathlon (Lake) Birmingham 27th July 2024
York Fun Triathlon (Pool) York 18th August 2024
Shropshire Triathlon (Lake) Ellesmere 8th September 2024
North West Fun Triathlon (Outdoor Pool) Nantwich 22nd September 2024
Warwickshire Fun Triathlon (Pool) Stratford-upon-Avon 6th October 2024
Stratford Fun Triathlon (Pool) Stratford-upon-Avon 27th April 2025
Cheshire Fun Triathlon (Outdoor Pool) Nantwich 11th May 2025
Henley Fun Triathlon (Pool) Henley-on-Thames 1st June 2025
Alderford Fun Triathlon (Lake) Whitchurch 15th June 2025

What is a Triathlon?

A triathlon consists of a swim, bike and run, and at all our events you can take part as an individual or as part of a team.

We provide great events for all abilities, from complete first timers to the experienced triathlete.

Our “Fun” or “Sprint” distance triathlons are very popular for first timers because the distances are really achievable.

All our triathlons take place at a range of venues across the country that includes indoor pool, outdoor pool, and lake swims, easy, yet achievable bike courses, as well as a range of good flat run courses.

Our events are open to everyone, whether you would like to take part for a charity, or it’s a personal challenge, you may want to lose weight, or just simply get fit.

All our triathlons guarantee a fun and friendly atmosphere whether you’re taking part or spectating.

We, at UK Triathlon, want to encourage everyone to experience the wonderful world of triathlon.

As well as great atmosphere at all our events, they are also very rewarding for everyone, especially when you cross the finish line and get that all important finishers medal.

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you get involved in triathlon.

Entry Process

How can I enter an event?

You can enter securely online via our website or call our team on 01270 842 800.

What happens once I have entered, whether it’s online or over the phone?

Once you have entered one of our events, the following will happen:

  • You will receive an email confirming your entry with some general information.
  • You will then receive emails on the run up to your event.
  • Approximately 10 days before your event you will be sent, via email, your competitor race notes.

Within those race notes will be all the information you will need to know about your event, from start times and your race number, to registration and course logistics.


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Pool Swim FAQ'S

What do I need for a pool based triathlon? (Indoor/Outdoor)

  • Swimming costume, swim shorts, trunks or a trisuit. Wetsuits are not permitted for pool based swim events.
  • Swimming goggles (recommended but they are optional)
  • Road worthy bike
  • Cycle helmet (compulsory)
  • Trainers

Do I need a swim cap?

Swim caps are not compulsory but you can bring your own from home or purchase one from the the UK Triathlon shop.

Why do you need an accurate swim time?

The swim time is how we compile our start list. Providing an accurate estimated swim time means competitors will take part alongside swimmers of the same/similar swim ability.

We start everyone off at intervals, 15-20 seconds, so you will get in the pool one after the other as instructed by the poolside swim starter.

Can I amend my swim time before the triathlon?

Yes, as we understand things happen whether it's improvement with training or more time needed due to injury.

Please advise all amendments in writing via email to [email protected] no later than three weeks prior to the event.

Why do I need to be at the swim start earlier than my start time?

We ask for you to be at the swim start 15 minutes before your start time so you can listen to the full Race Safety Brief.

Once you have been given your Race Safety Brief you will then stand in line and await your instruction to enter the pool.

Can I use any stroke for the swim?

For your safety and the safety of other competitors back stroke, tumble turns and diving are not permitted.

Where do I put my bike when I am swimming or running?

Your cycle will be racked in the cycle transition area before you start the event.

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Lake/Sea Swim FAQ'S

What do I need for an open water triathlon?

  • Swimming costume, swim shorts, wetsuit (depending on what distance you're doing), trunks or a trisuit
  • Swimming goggles (recommended but they are optional)
  • Road worthy bike
  • Cycle helmet (compulsory)
  • Trainers

Do I need a wetsuit for an open water triathlon? (Lake or Sea).

If you are taking part in one of our Olympic, Olympic Relay, Ultimate, Ultimate Half, Ultimate Olympic and Shropshire Middle triathlons, then YES, wetsuits are compulsory.

For all our Fun, Super Sprint, and Sprint Relay distances, no, a wetsuit is not compulsory, however, if you wish to wear one for these distances then that isn’t a problem.

How does the swim section work for open water triathlons?

We start everyone off in the water. All the Fun entrants go off together (this is called a wave) along with all the Super Sprint entrants. At some open water events the waves are broken down further into the following

  • All Fun
  • All Super Sprint
  • Sprint Female
  • Sprint Open
  • Olympic Female
  • Olympic Open

The reason we break the waves down into smaller groups is to prevent overcrowding during the swim.

Why do I need to be at the swim start earlier than my start time?

We ask for you to be at the swim start a full 15-20 minutes before your wave start time, so you can listen to the full Race Safety Brief.

Once you have been given your Race Safety Brief you should then be allowed to get into the water, this will get you ready for your swim and to climatise to the water.

What's the best place for me to start from?

Depending on your swimming strength be careful where you start, if you are a strong swimmer then make your way to the front, if you're not so strong then find space in the water further back so you can swim at your own pace.

The race starter will instruct you to gather between the swim start buoys, once the air horn blasts, you start your swim.

When you have completed the right amount of laps for your swim course you make your way to the swim exit (this will be clearly marked)

Don't worry if you are unsure of how many laps you need to do the race brief will inform you of this.

The swim course will be marked out with buoys, this will be on our website, in your competitor race notes and during your race brief you will be told which way the course goes.

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Event Day Registration FAQ'S

What times does registration open?

Registration will be open on the Saturday before your event and early Sunday morning (except The Birmingham Triathlon, which is Friday and early Saturday morning).

All registration opening times will be in your competitor race notes.

All events have different opening times so make sure you the check times in your competitor race notes.

Where do I need to go first on race day?

Registration will be on the main arena field at all our events.

Look out for the Mornflake bright orange marquee, that’s where registration will be. If you haven’t registered the day before then you need to look for the Mornflake marquee on arrival.

At registration you will be giving everything you need to take part in your event, if you need to ask any questions then registration is the perfect place.

What do I get in my race envelope?

Your race envelope will be picked up when you go to register at the venue for your event (nothing will be sent to you through the post).

The content of your race envelope is as follows (this info is also in your competitor race notes):

  • Race numbers
  • Bike sticker (see what are bike and helmet stickers)
  • Helmet sticker (see what are bike and helmet stickers)

What are bike and helmet stickers and how do I apply them?

The bike and helmet stickers are there for your safety, security and identification throughout your event.

Your bike sticker needs to go on the front of your handle bars.

Your helmet sticker needs to go onto the front of your helmet.

When do I need to put the stickers on my bike and helmet?

Once you have registered, then they all need to be applied.

You CANNOT go into the cycle transition area without your bike or helmet stickers being applied, this is for security reasons.

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Relay Team FAQ'S

Can I enter a relay team?

Yes, all you need is two or three people to share the swim, the cycle and the run.

Taking part in a relay team is so rewarding, it also means if you're not comfortable swimming, cycling or running it is an ideal way for you to take part with friends and family, plus, you all still get a medal when you cross the finish line.

How do you do the triathlon as a Relay Team?

One person does the swim section and then hands the timing chip to the cyclist (who will be waiting in the transition area). Once the cyclist has completed the cycle leg, they return to transition and give the timing chip to the runner. The runner then completes the run section and finishes and of course all team members can join them for that all important finishing photograph!

Can relay teams be mixed gender?

Yes, not a problem at all. Your relay team can be made up anyway you choose to take part.

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CRUK Wave200m9-21km2.5km
Fun & Super Sprint200m9-21km2.5km
Sprint & Relay400-750m18-25km5km
Olympic & Relay1500m40km10km
Bike and Transition FAQ'S

Do I need a specific type of bike to take part?

No, any bike can be used providing it is roadworthy. (Electric bikes are not permitted).

Will triathlon and road bikes make a difference?

They can make a difference but not a huge amount at entry level. Road tyres are smoother and provide less resistance and aero bars put you in a more aerodynamic position. Both can be fitted to almost all bikes quite cheaply if you want but it really isn't necessary, unless you want to squeeze a few more seconds off your bike time.

Which helmet is good enough to use?

Your helmet must have the 'CE', 'SNELL' or 'ANSI' trademark inside it. The strap must be in working order and the helmet itself must not have any cracks on it.

Where do I put my bike when I am swimming or running?

Your bike will be racked in the cycle transition area before you start the event.

What is the cycle transition area?

The cycle transition area is where your bike is kept whilst you are swimming/running. There will be space in there for you to rack your bike. There is also space for you to leave a bag (ideal for putting goggles or wet swim towel etc).

Can anyone go in the transition area?

No. For safety & security reasons only competitors are allowed to go into the cycle transition area.

How secure is the transition area?

To get in & out of the transition area with your bike you must show the security personnel at the transition exit/entrance the following before they will allow you to enter or leave the area with a bike;

  • Cycle sticker (Stuck on the handle bars )
  • Matching Race Number
  • Matching Helmet sticker

Is drafting permitted during the triathlon?

No, cyclists must maintain a forward distance of 10 metres between each other at all times except when overtaking. It is the responsibility of the overtaken rider to drop back to maintain this gap.

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Fundraising online

If you have decided to raise money for one of our charity partners or one of your own, here are some useful tips on how to get started.

Whatever inspires you, tell everyone you know. Your friends, your family, your colleagues. An online fundraising page is the easiest way.

  • It's quick to set up and simple to use
  • You can fundraise on your own or as part of a group
  • Your friends and family can sponsor you easily
  • You can keep track of donations
  • No need to use a sponsorship form

Here are a few links to online fundraising sites.

  • JustGiving
  • GoFundMe
  • KindLink

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