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Everyone knows triathletes are a friendly bunch. Eager to help each other out, share knowledge on kit, chat about their training etc.  So it is no surprise that more than 10,000 triathletes are now following @uktrichat on Twitter, making it one of the fastest growing triathlon communities on social media.  Moreover, the community has reached this milestone in just over 2 years, reflecting the growth in popularity of the sport both in the UK and abroad.


If you asked our followers what makes UKTriChat worth following and interacting with they would most probably all agree that it is the support and sense of camaraderie it offers.  Triathlon in itself can be quite a lonely sport… many train alone and of course you compete alone… if you exclude relays. So having a community of like-minded people where you can reach out to and share your successes, drawbacks, concerns, and aspirations is a very valuable resource.  There is nothing better than sharing your fears before your first race and getting reassured by tons of other people that they were in exactly the same spot when they started, and that those feelings are perfectly normal.  And when those butterflies are messing up your tummy on race morning, a fellow UKTriChat member is usually there to offer a friendly smile and words of encouragement.


Triathlon can also be scary to a beginner. The multiple items of kit, the hours spent training not just for 1 sport but 3, the technical knowledge surrounding these 3 sports plus what to do in transition….IS daunting.  Most triathletes come from a running background and so one of the biggest deterrents to attempting a triathlon is often swimming.  But even if swimming the 750m of open water in a sprint becomes comfortable…. they then have to deal with the “scary” aerobars on a TT bike or getting used to the ‘brick’ legs on the run. UKTriChat is a great resource for all those new to triathlon. They can ask questions about anything to do with the sport and their questions are shared with more than 10,000 other triathletes. No question is considered too simple or silly. No one has ever felt intimidated by the community and their questions are ALWAYS answered.

Besides the new triathletes we are super lucky to have a great number of more experienced athletes, pros etc. The discussions revolve around new kit, best races to do (even though our partner site is also a great source of info on that), training tips, triathlon current affairs and more. On Mondays we host a #uktrichat hr where the community comes together to chat about anything triathlon related and very often we will have guests who will offer knowledge on their expertise or products.


And we are not alone…UKTriChat is part of the UKSportsChat group of communities comprised of UKRunChat, UKCycleChat and UKSwimChat. That makes the wealth of knowledge even larger as when there are specific questions on any of the 3 sports we can share with the other 67,000 followers in our group.


UKTriChat is what the followers make it to be. They are the life of the account, they provide the content and we are just there to bring everyone together. We are not experts or professionals, we offer a platform where triathletes can reach each other and hopefully make long lasting friendships!


The @uktrichat team:

Katerina Tanti

Helen Webb

Paul Carter

Matt Upston