Top 5 Training tips for triathlon beginners

  1. Keep consistency – it is no use smashing yourself one day and then being a write off for the next 3 days. To get better you need to be consistent. So less is sometimes more! Keep the sessions achievable
  2. Practice transition – this is a biggy. I used to think, how hard can it be to put a pair of shoes on or take a wetsuit off, so I didn’t bother training transition at all. Then I lost over a minute vs most other people in transition and was gutted that it could have propelled me to the podium! Practice your transitions!
  3. Rest well and sleep – Rest is underrated. If you don’t recover from a training session properly, you are unlikely to perform as well in the next one and the spiral continues. Sleep is a key component of this; it is the best time to recover!
  4. Nutrition – nutrition is one of the key components to getting better. Water, electrolytes, eating a balanced diet and protein for recovery. There is so much you can do to increase your training performance. Take a look on the High5 website. They tell you what you need to have and when!
  5. Get a coach – But before you do, think about what you want to aim for, how much time you have to train and be honest! You have to trust the coach and the coach needs to trust you! Our friends at Total Tri Training are one of the Uk’s leading coaches and work with novices to professionals! Take a look here