Welcome Blog




Welcome and welcome to our very first UK Triathlon blog! This first blog post will be short and sweet to let you know how we would like our blogs to work.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a blog as “A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group,  that is written in an informal or conversational style.” Something which, in our eyes, is great, however not exactly what we are looking to achieve with our blog.

The reason we say this is because of the industry in which we work. As a team we are fortunate enough to work with partners and people who are passionate about the sport of triathlon! From my own experiences, I can vouch that the team witness inspirational stories on a daily basis, some of which are never shared further than a conversation at an event or over the phone. Therefore, instead of us just writing about our experiences at the events we want you to tell us your story!

It doesn’t matter what your story is whether it’s inspirational, helpful or funny we as a team want to hear and share it with the triathlon community. So if you are interested in writing a paragraph or two to share your knowledge and experiences in the sport then please get in touch by emailing both zoe@uktriathlon.co.uk and myself, russ@uktriathlon.co.uk

Thanks for reading!

Russ Gibbons