Affordable Triathlon Upgrades for Newbies


So you have done a few triathlons now and you want to get faster? Here are some of the best value for money upgrades.

  1. Coaching – when people think upgrades they tend to think bike parts, more expensive gear and etc. but in fact having a coach to hand is invaluable. There will always be those days where you just simply can’t be bothered or don’t want to train. Having a coach there helps motivate you to train. That along with the expertise, help and training plans; and knowing when to rest makes this the best upgrade you can make. Check out our partners at Total Tri Training if you feel this upgrade is for you.



2. Road bike pedals – Of course riding a bike with pedals seems obvious but riding a bike with clipless pedals will ultimately make you faster. The clipless pedal system helps to avoid dead spots in your pedal motion and helps increase efficiency and power output to the drive chain. Every watt counts!

3. Elastic laces – extremely easy, cheap and useful. Having elastic laces on your running shoes means you can just slip your feet easily and have you shoes tight without tying any knots or etc. This saves crucial time in transition. There is nothing worse than panicking in transition; the elastic laces take that away. Check out the Xtenex laces here.



4.Road bike/Triathlon shoes – following on from the pedal post, in order to have a set of clipless pedals you need to have some cleats/shoes to use with them. With all the benefits of the above it could also decrease your time in transition by leaving your shoes clipped into the pedals. Triathlon specific shoes make this a lot easier to do. Carbon soled shoes tend to provide a better transmission of power as they are stiffer so will make you even faster.

5. Wetsuit – believe it or not, wetsuits make a considerable difference in the open water. Top of the range triathlon wetsuits can save you up to a minute or more on the swim. Make sure you find one that fits well with cuffs that make the wetsuit easy to remove.



6. Pointy helmet – a good way to get more ‘aero’ some helmets can take over a minute off your 40km bike time. So finding one that suits you is more than worth the investment.

7. Trisuit – a trisuit makes everything in triathlon so much easier. You don’t have to get changed from the swim to the bike and a good one will make the experience more comfortable for you. You can pay over £300 for a trisuit but the cheaper ones still do the job well. Check out for great Triathlon products



8. Bike fit – bike fits like coaching are really underrated. Bike fits can help you prevent injuries, and therefore allow more time training which means you can get faster! Along with the injury prevention, a better bike position can make you more aerodynamic and thus save you time on the bike leg.